New Canadian Airline Now Offers US Service with Flight to Phoenix

Canadians looking for a new way to get to Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport now have another option. Lynx Air, a new Canadian airline, will offer three flights between Phoenix and Calgary weekly. Lynx Air will compete directly with Air Canada and WestJet on the route. This new service is a welcome addition for travelers searching for more options when traveling to and from the United States.

Lynx Air

Lynx Airline Airport TransportationIn their words, “Lynx is redefining what it means to be an ultra-low-cost carrier. Enjoy ultra-low prices, no hidden fees, and friendly service everywhere we fly.” With the rising cost of air travel, Lynx Air will be a welcome option for many people.

They also offer more options for people to choose from depending on the experience they would like: “Choose your experience, whether you want an affordable no-frills flight or extras. Our à la carte system means you only pay for what you want and nothing more.”

Along with the Calgary to Phoenix flights, Lynx Air will offer flights to and from Calgary to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. They will also be offering flights from Toronto to Orlando.

Lynx Air plans to keep adding flights to other US cities in the future, so keep an eye out for their expansion. But for now, those looking for a new and affordable option for traveling between the United States and Canada now have Lynx Air to consider.

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The Future of Air Transportation

Canada Airline PhoenixAs we mentioned, the costs of air travel are rising. What does this mean for the future of air transportation? Lynx Air proves there is still room for new airlines to enter the market and compete. The rise in air travel costs also presents an opportunity for smaller airlines to succeed.

The fact that Lynx Air is now offering flights to Phoenix shows that they are confident in their ability to compete with the big players in the industry. Of course, only time will tell if Lynx Air makes a name for itself, but it seems like they have a good chance at success.

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As for what else the future of air travel could hold, it seems likely that we will see more airlines trying to offer low-cost options. We may also see more consolidation in the industry as the big airlines try to keep their market share.

Whatever happens, it will be an interesting time for the airline industry. So keep an eye on Lynx Air and other new airlines because they could be the key to more affordable air travel.

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Phoenix Sky Harbor Transportation Services

Transportation From Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

When flying into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport using Lynx Air from Canada, you can rely on All Valley Transportation to pick you up on time and seamlessly get you to your destination during your stay.

Our pickup services are great for taking you to a hotel, sporting event, or anywhere else in the valley. Book a ride with us today to enjoy your time in Arizona worry-free!

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