Learn More About the New Sky Harbor Taxiway

To improve the travel experience at Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, Sky Harbor is getting $194 million in federal funding over the next five years to build a 2,000-foot taxiway. This taxiway will connect the north and south airfields from the western side of the airport terminals reducing taxi times and helping decrease air traffic congestion.

Today, we’ll tell you more about Sky Harbor’s new taxiway and its potential benefits. We’ll also share other helpful information for ensuring your Sky Harbor travel experience goes as seamlessly as possible.
What is a Taxiway?

What is a Taxiway?

First, it’s essential to understand what a taxiway is. A taxiway is a defined path in an airport that connects runways to terminals. Sky Harbor’s new taxiway will provide a direct route between its north and south airfields, allowing faster and more efficient travel.

Why Sky Harbor Needs a New Taxiway

Sky Harbor has seen increasing demand in recent years. In September 2022 alone, the airport saw more than 3.5 million passengers. This growth has caused increased traffic congestion on Sky Harbor’s airfield. The new taxiway will help reduce this congestion by providing two separate routes between Sky Harbor’s north and south airfields.

Benefits of Sky Harbor’s New Taxiway

The new taxiway at Sky Harbor promises a smoother travel experience for Phoenix Flyers in several ways.

1. Reduced taxi time

Faster Airport Travel

Have you ever been in the Sky Harbor taxi line that seems to take forever? Sky Harbor’s new 2,000-foot taxiway will reduce taxi times by providing a direct route between the north and south airfields.

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2. Increased capacity

The new Sky Harbor taxiway will increase the airport’s capacity, allowing it to accommodate more planes while improving airfield safety. In turn, this will help Sky Harbor meet the growing demand for air travel in Phoenix.

3. Improved efficiency

The new taxiway will help improve the overall efficiency of Sky Harbor operations. It will allow for faster turnarounds and smoother travel, lowering airline costs, and improving passenger experience.

Other Projects at Sky Harbor Airport

Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, ArizonaAlong with the new taxiway, the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law also sets aside $5 billion over the coming five years in competitive grants specifically for airport terminal use.

Sky Harbor has several maintenance needs outlined in a 20-year plan to help adapt for passenger and cargo expansion.

Some of these projects include:

  • An additional north concourse at Terminal 3
  • A pedestrian bridge between Terminals 3 and 4
  • Infrastructure improvements at Terminal 4
  • Upgraded garage lighting
  • New solar energy installations
  • Replacing existing fleet vehicles with electric vehicles

Other Ways to Experience Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

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