The Airport and the Blistering Arizona Heat

Enduring the weather in Arizona? Chances are, you could soon be frying an egg on the sidewalk.

In fact, Phoenix alone is already the fastest warming cities in the country.

To escape the worst of it, we bet you’ve probably already made vacation plans for a cooler state. If so, transportation should be at the top of your priority list. That’s because when it comes to flights and transportation to or from Sky Harbor, the blistering heat can quickly complicate things.

Sky Harbor Airport at Sunset

Prepare for the Arizona Summer heat

In 2022, a significant amount of flights were canceled at Sky Harbor Airport. That left plenty of unhappy passengers with disrupted plans. The culprit at fault was none other than the sweltering heat, which made it potentially dangerous for planes to take off.

When you fast forward to the present with increasing climate change, that spells out a world where extreme heat becomes a common problem for airports – especially for Sky Harbor.

Beyond the potential of flight cancelations alone, you’ve already got a few roadblocks when it comes to airport transportation in the first place.

Imagine that your flight has been suddenly canceled, and you’re itching to leave the airport for a hotel. At the last minute, you decide to opt for a taxi, Uber or LYFT. To your dismay, you see your in a long line where it’ll take a few hours standing in the staggering heat. Even beyond the frustratingly long wait times, you’ll have to deal with your own luggage and uncomfortable rides with potentially poor air conditioning.

Car with Cool AC

Consider Using a Premium Transportation Service

However, not all hope is lost. By going with a company such as All Valley Transportation, you’ll find that you can win against the seemingly unbeatable heat. With a line of luxurious, clean, and comfortable vehicles, your next ride to Sky Harbor will be nothing short of stellar.

The journey first starts with your trained private driver. As soon as they arrive, you’ll instantly be whisked away never requiring you to step outside under the sun. While you’re on your way, you can enjoy a bottle of cold water to stay hydrated.

By the time you return from your vacation, Arizona will still likely be as hot as it was when you left. In fact, the weather forecast for the next few months seems to predict exactly that.

Current Airport Weather Conditions

Avoid the Heat and Ride with us

Yet, with All Valley Transportation on your side, you’ll never have to sweat another drop. By the time your feet touch the ground at the airport, your driver will already be waiting for you. Even if your flight is delayed, they’ll always stay in-the-know to be prepared and on time.

Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way in your stylish and cool ride from Sky Harbor.

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