AirBnB & Vacation Rental Travel Guide for Phoenix & Scottsdale AZ

Phoenix and Scottsdale are highly sought-after vacation destinations, and it’s no wonder why. With incredible weather, delicious restaurants, great shopping, and world-class golf, people come from across the country to enjoy what Arizona offers. At All Valley Transportation, we’ve created this comprehensive travel guide to enhance your Airbnb or vacation rental experience in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

Phoenix Vacation Rental

The Popularity of Vacation Rentals in Phoenix

One of the trends that has been steadily rising in recent years is the preference for vacation rentals over traditional hotels. While hotels have their charm, vacation rentals offer a unique experience. You can enjoy a home away from home with all the amenities and privacy you desire. If you opt for a vacation rental, you can better immerse yourself in the local culture and feel like you are part of the Arizona community.

However, in popular vacation destinations like Phoenix and Scottsdale, if visitors do not book months in advance, they might struggle to find a place that suits their needs at a price they can afford.

But it isn’t only rental homes vacationers might struggle to get. We’ll tell you about transportation challenges in a moment, too.

How to Find the Right Vacation Rental

Research Airbnb Rentals OnlineIf you’re planning a trip to Phoenix or Scottsdale, do you want to know how to find the perfect vacation rental? The two secrets are: start early and do your research.

Begin by determining what aspects of your stay are most important to you. Are you looking for a location close to a popular stadium, or a well-known shopping area? Do you want an Airbnb with a pool or other specific amenities? Are you traveling with pets and need pet-friendly accommodations? These are all things to consider when searching for the perfect vacation rental.

Next, start your research early – ideally several months before your planned trip. This will give you plenty of time to browse various options, compare prices, and read reviews—and get your pick of the best spots.

Some well-known websites to search for vacation rental deals include:

Of course, this isn’t always possible, especially if you’re planning a last-minute trip. In this case, it’s important to be flexible and open-minded about your rental options, or you might consider booking at a hotel.

Man on vacation driving a rental car

Scarcity of Rental Cars During Winter

Besides finding it hard to get Airbnb, VRBOs, and other vacation rentals in Phoenix that meet their needs, vacationers often find that rental cars book up quickly, especially during winter—the most popular tourist season.

The Phoenix and Scottsdale area is a popular winter destination because the weather is mild and pleasant. The high influx of visitors can make finding a rental car that suits their needs tricky. Trying to secure a rental car during this time can be not only challenging but also expensive. This is especially true for those traveling in groups or with plenty of baggage.

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Challenges with Public Transportation and Rideshares

While Phoenix and Scottsdale have public transportation options and rideshare services, they may not be the most convenient for vacationers. Like most big cities, public transportation schedules can be limited, and rideshare prices can surge during peak times due to limited availability.

On top of this, if you’re planning to explore various attractions or enjoy the nightlife, waiting for a ride after a long day of sightseeing probably isn’t how you want to end your night.

(Head here next to read about some of the most fun things to do in Scottsdale.)

But don’t worry…ridesharing apps and rental cars aren’t your only transportation options—we’ve got an even better alternative.

Luxury Transportation Vehicles

Consider Private Transportation During Your Vacation Stay

While staying at an Airbnb or vacation rental property, private transportation is an excellent way to get around Phoenix and Scottsdale. Choosing a limousine service, such as All Valley Transportation, makes for a stress-free experience as soon as you arrive in town. No need to worry about rental cars or dealing with the unpredictability of rideshares; your transportation needs will be taken care of. Choose from a luxury Black Car Sedan, SUV, Sprinter, and more!


We offer timely and efficient services, ensuring you’re never left waiting for a ride. Our drivers know the area, guaranteeing a safe journey to and from your vacation rental, all while keeping up with your daily schedule.


Traveling in style is part of the vacation experience. Limousines provide comfort and luxury that standard transportation options cannot match. You’ll arrive at your vacation rental without the usual travel stress you might experience with a cab or rideshare.
Sky Harbor Airport Transportation

Airport Transfers

Say bon voyage to the hassle of airport parking and the stress of finding your gate, handling your luggage, and catching a flight. Your driver will ensure you get to Sky Harbor Airport with plenty of time to spare.

Increased Demand During Winter Months

As mentioned earlier, the demand for private transportation in Phoenix and Scottsdale skyrockets during the winter. Booking in advance secures reliable transportation when you need it the most. Getting to your vacation rental from the airport or special event should be a seamless experience.

All Valley Transportation

In Closing: Phoenix Vacation Rentals and Transportation

So, when planning your next trip to Phoenix or Scottsdale, consider booking a vacation rental and enjoying the convenience of using a trusted limousine service, such as All Valley Transportation.

Don’t let the hassle of rental cars and public transportation deter you from experiencing a memorable and stress-free vacation in Arizona’s desert paradise.

Book a ride with us and start your vacation rental research today!

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