The Rideshare Shortage

Frustrated Person on Smart Phone Waiting for Ride Share DriverImagine that you were desperately late to go to the airport and needed transportation to get you there. You decide to call up a ride-sharing service such as Uber or Lyft. Much to your dismay, you find that there are no available drivers near you. As a result, you know you’ll most likely show up late and potentially miss your flight.

For all the convenience that a ride-sharing service like Uber or Lyft may possess, they lack one major thing — reliability.

And it is now more apparent than ever.

Currently, Uber and Lyft are facing a widespread supply shortage of drivers. As more and more vaccinated customers are ramping up demand for the service, they’re only met with a lack of drivers to pick you up. For the drivers that do persist, they’re charging more and raising the wait times for everyone else. In other words, the convenience that many relied upon in these ride-sharing services has disappeared.


Uber and LIFT Driver Shortage

Why The Shortage of UBER and LIFT Drivers?

This phenomenon begs the question — why is there such a shortage of drivers in the first place? According to the companies themselves, many drivers are still hesitant about contracting COVID. During the height of the pandemic, they also realized the mental and physical toll that ride-share driving took on their lives, which gave them the push to move on.

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Most of these drivers left their previous customers behind in the dark. Not only do these customers have to experience longer wait times, but they also get charged far more for a less quality ride. With no guarantee that the ride will even show up on time or be cleaned effectively between rides, customers can no longer count on Uber and Lyft when they need them the most.

This rings especially true if you need to get around in the Phoenix area. Whether you’re trying to arrive at the airport, or elsewhere, a ride-share service can’t be relied upon to get you to your destination.


A Car Service You Can Trust

Private Driver Assisting Client

There is one solution that you can always count on. It’s none other than All Valley Transportation, which has made reliability one of its pillars since 1999. When hiring a private ride, you can always guarantee that a professional driver will show up on time, every time. Not only are they licensed, experienced, and polite, but they have ample knowledge of the area with the ability to efficiently take you anywhere.

The vehicles and town cars you ride in will be anything but unclean and shabby. The stylish ride you’ll enjoy is unbeatable compared to what an Uber or Lyft would offer. Every time you choose a private car service with us, you can be assured that you’ll get the same high-quality experience consistently, leaving the guesswork and hassle behind.

For the maximum convenience possible, you can prearrange a booking today for your next ride. With so many problems with Uber and downsides to Lyft, don’t waste your time dealing with issues such as a lack of drivers, longer wait times, and costly rates. By going with All Valley Transportation, you’re sure to have an impressive experience.

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