Your Phoenix Airport Transportation Service Guide

Sky Harbor Airport served more than 44 million passengers in 2015. By 2019, that number had jumped to more than 46 million. If you’re one of the millions using this airport this year or next, you want to be sure you choose the best Phoenix airport transportation options to get you there and back.

More Phoenix Airport Transportation Statistics

More than 100,000 people go in and out of the Phoenix airport terminals on a daily basis. These passengers all rely on shuttles, taxis, friends or family members, airport car services, rental vehicles, ridesharing services, or personal vehicles to get to their next destination.

But not all of these modes of transportation are equal.

When you’re looking for an airport town car or limo services to take you to or from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor International Airport, you need a trusted, experienced company. You simply can’t rely on a ride-sharing app where you’ll get a ride from a random stranger in the same way.

Let us help you navigate the right type of airport transportation service for your visit!

Airport Car Service For Business Trips In Phoenix

When you travel to and from Phoenix for business, timeliness is important.

Most travelers will prefer to use a private or one-on-one airport car service. While shuttles and buses operate around the clock and are affordable, the many stops to and from the airport could risk you being late to your meeting or your flight.

Airport Transportation Town Car Services For Leisure Vacations

Treat yourself to a limo, town car, or deluxe rental car when you travel to Phoenix for a vacation.

Many of Arizona’s most popular attractions are in Scottsdale or outside of the busy metropolitan city, such as Sedona. If you are traveling to destinations outside of the Phoenix’s parameters, you may want to reserve an airport pickup or town car service. Another option is renting a car to explore the area yourself.

Whatever option you choose, plan to go with an airport transportation company that can recommend great resorts, destination hotspots, and can’t-miss restaurants. This shows they know the area well, and they want you to enjoy your stay in Arizona!

Booking Airport Transportation For Family Vacations

Our great state has many opportunities and travel destinations for everyone, including water parks for the kids, luxurious spas for the ladies, and golf courses that span for miles for the golfers.

Ridesharing services usually don’t offer enough room for your entire family to ride and carry their luggage. Instead try a shuttle, bus, or renting a van or a roomy sedan. This will help your family reach your destination stress-free.

Arranging Transportation Services For Phoenix’s Special Events

There are many different major events that happen year-round, such as the Phoenix Open, major concerts at our large venues, Broadway performances, symphony concerts, and much, much more! While many events have been canceled or put on hold due to COVID, there’s still a lot going on in Phoenix.

(Check out this post for more ideas: 10 Things to Do in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe.)

If you’re traveling to Phoenix or Scottsdale for these special events, make a grand entrance by booking a limo service! This is also a great option for girl’s night out or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

Treat yourself to a five-star limo service like those available from All Valley Transportation. Avoid splitting up your party with multiple taxis, cabs, and rideshares.

Choose All Valley for Your Phoenix Airport Transportation Needs

No matter your reason for visiting Phoenix, you want the trip to be stress-free and relaxed. You can’t risk being late for your flight or your appointments in the Phoenix area! We can get you right to your gate and we’ll be sure to be in the right spot at the right time to pick you up when you return.

During this time, you’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing your vehicle has been sanitized between passengers. We have also implemented other additional safety measures you can read about here.

All Valley Transportation’s drivers are all experienced with Phoenix traffic. We insure and bond all our drivers for credibility and accountability.

Book online or by phone today: 602.302.6868. You can also use this link to get a quote for private and professional Phoenix airport transportation.

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