What Exactly is a Modern Day Limo Service?

Take a moment to pause and think about how much you spend life on the move.

Perhaps that might conjure up the stressful moments you spent behind the wheel stuck in traffic during your daily commute. Or if you lack a car, you’re probably more than familiar with your fair share of tight squeezes, awkward eye contact glances with strangers, and bumpy rides aboard public transportation.

No matter how you choose to get around, there’s no doubt that it isn’t the most luxurious ride out there. After all, there’s nothing especially glamorous or sexy about the average American commute.

In fact, the numbers cast an even darker shadow. If your commute takes at least 26 minutes each day both ways, then you’ll have spent a total of nine days every year commuting. After 40 continuous years, then you’ll have spent a whole year of your life on the road.

Traditional Black Stretch LimoWouldn’t it be so much better if you could at least spend those days enjoying your own private and affordable ride? Before the loaded word ‘limo’ sends your thoughts running however, you should know that a limo service is now, far more than what you might think.

Traditional Limo Service – Stretch Vehicles

If you’ve seen a limousine from any red carpet or Hollywood movie, then you probably have a great conception of what a traditional stretch vehicle looks like. It’s your classic long black car that looks sleek and ultra-stylish, as if it were reserved solely for the rich.

Well, reserved for the rich no longer. In recent years, more companies have made it a priority to modernize the limo service and make it accessible for everyone to enjoy a great ride.

Luxury Car Ride with Chauffer Limo Service

The New Age “Limo Service”

Most of the time, when you consult a limo service, you’re not only offered a stretch vehicle as an option. Instead, you’re able to select from a variety of high-end black vehicles that come with pampered treatment. A quality limo service has licensed and nicely dressed drivers who will provide you with VIP treatment at a much more affordable rate.

Take a look at some of the best vehicles that a modern-day limo service can provide:

Black Car Sedan Service

Town Cars & Sedans

With a gorgeous design and interior, a Lincoln town car or classy sedan is perfect for any on-the-go business executives out there. Featuring all-inclusive executive transportation, they make corporate travel incredibly convenient and timely. Stylish black cars are ideal for anyone looking for a quality, up-scale commute to concerts, sporting events and more. Our airport car service is the preferred choice for travelers who need a ride to or from the airport. Most cars comfortably seat 3 passengers and can hold up to two large luggage bags.

Luxury SUV Limo


Want to ride with your family and friends in a spacious vehicle but still enjoy a luxurious experience? The SUV is an ideal choice for you to take advantage of the larger interior and smooth ride across long distances. Luxury SUV’s are also desirable for commuting to the airport since there is plenty of luggage space in the rear compartment area.


Sprinters are high-end Mercedes-Benz vehicles that usually seat up to 12 passengers including the driver. These are perfect if you’re on the lookout for a comfortable ride with ample room for sit and store. It’s not only a powerful vehicle but also a super safe one with plenty of the latest technology to keep your ride worry-free and enjoyable. Delivery services such as Amazon, UPS and FedEx prefer to use these, as they are built for speed and storage. Sprinters used by a limo service are more elegant and are setup for comfort and luxury with advanced technology to make sure your ride is smooth and effortless.

Black Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Buses

Ever wanted to plan an upcoming trip with twenty other people? You can solve your luxury transportation needs by enjoying a large shuttle bus. They can fit a medium-sized group with ease and help make traveling way easier.

First Class Passenger Van


Trips around the Phoenix area should be enjoyed by the whole family. Vans used for limo services are stylish and roomy which are perfect for your day-vacation endeavors or airport commutes. Your kids will enjoy the ride so much that you’ll never again have to hear the phrase, “Are we there yet?”

Black Stretch Limo

Stretch Limos

Last but not least, stretch limos are designed to give you the most luxurious transportation experience possible. Whether you’re on your way to a wedding or a party in the city, you’ll feel your best self yet. Most have wet bars, surround sounds systems, high tech flat screen tv’s and WIFI capabilities. These are more along the lines of a “traditional limo service”.

Private driver assisting client

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what a modern-day limo service looks like, you can be confident that you don’t have to spend those days commuting in discomfort. Whether its for a ride to the airport, corporate event, or simply a night out in the town, All Valley Transportation is there to help you ride in style with our premium and exceptional service.