Key Questions to Ask Before Booking a Prom Limo Rental

Prom season for Phoenix area high schools is typically in May or June. If your high school’s prom is coming up, now is the time to consider booking limo services for Prom.

What can you expect with our prom limo rental service?

Phoenix residents can expect a luxurious limo and a driver that is timely and professional. With safety being our top priority, we promise to drive responsibly over the course of the entire trip.

Book a prom limo rental with us, and you can rest easy knowing passenger safety is our number one priority. We understand individuals will be under the age of 21, therefore we do not serve alcohol and will not transport anyone who tries to sneak alcohol on board. To ensure the safety of students, we reserve the right to search bags before entering the limo.

Is there a mileage limit when you rent a limo for Prom?

There is no mileage limit and we can transport students attending prom to various locations throughout Arizona. This is truly a special time for students, and we are are always excited to accommodate them.

When you book limo service with us, we offer a four-hour minimum at an unbeatable price. Additional hours are only $90 per hour. You will find this a steal among other limo companies in Arizona.

Can multiple people pay for the same prom limo service?

We understand students finances can be limited and they will often pool together money to rent a prom limo. We have flexible payment options and accept cash and all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Limo Services by All Valley Transportation

What qualifications help guarantee safe prom transportation?

Our limo drivers are licensed and insured within the state of Arizona and are well-trained to operate large-sized vehicles in the middle of rush hour Phoenix traffic. Outside of prom season, our main business is airport transportation where timeliness and passenger safety are just as paramount as a grand entrance to prom.

If you are considering a prom limo rental, it is important to consider experience, safety, flexibility, and age-appropriate fun.

If you are interested in renting a prom limo, give us a call 602.302.6868.

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