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Valentine’s Day and Limousines: What a Girl Wants!

Valentine's Day Limo Service

Valentine’s Day Limo Service

Cecilia works the dispatch desk for All Valley Transportation

Cecilia works the dispatch desk for All Valley Transportation

Ok, guys Valentine’s Day is almost here. Forget the chocolates and stuffed animal; the cute stuff has been done and done again.

What women want is you. That’s right, YOU!

We want your undivided attention. We want an uninterrupted conversation. We want you to put your arm around us and just talk or sit.

Now . . . where can we get this quality, alone, while still out-of-the-house date time???? That’s right, the back of a limo… Think about it, driving around with that someone special; no nagging on how you’re driving. Don‘t want to gussie up? Comfy clothes are the dress code here; after all, how many times have you told us you love the natural look? Got an urge to text some friends to meet up? No problem; you’re not behind the wheel!! Want to have a drink while cruising the valley? Do it; you’ve got a designated driver on the job.

Most importantly, you are giving your valentine what they want the most, quality time with you. And let’s face it, the chocolate goes straight to our hips and we’ll be cursing you for the extra time we have to be at the gym to work that off. And that’s time that we could have spent getting our nails done, but nooooo, you had to give us candy!!!!! Oh, and that cute stuffed animal that you had to buy, the dog ate it; and guess to had to clean up that fricking mess? And don’t forget the money we had to pay since Big Rover could not poop out that squeekie thing on his own. Oh yeah, never gonna forget that Valentine’s Day. And trust me, I don’t think you will be allowed to either.

So, for the Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget, for all the right reasons, please call All Valley Transportation 602.302.6868.

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