How are Limousine Companies Combatting COVID-19?

While it may be what we hear about the most in the news, it isn’t only air travel that’s affected by the pandemic. Public and private transportation services have also undergone significant changes. And today, we’re going to talk more about how limousine companies are combating COVID-19.

How are Limousine Companies Combatting COVID-19?

In many cases, opting for private transportation including town car or limo service in Phoenix puts you in contact with far fewer people than taking public transportation does.

(That’s just one benefit of hiring limousine companies during a pandemic. Here are some others.)

Naturally, this is appealing to many people. But understandably, many people are still unsure of exactly how limousine companies are keeping their passengers safe.

Of course, we can’t speak for every transportation company in Phoenix.

But we CAN offer you peace of mind of how we’re keeping our own drivers and passengers safe during COVID.

As always, the health and safety of our passengers, partners, and employees is our top priority. In addition to our existing safety protocols in place, here are some of the extra measures we’ve put in place.

Disinfecting our fleet before and after rides

You can take comfort in knowing your vehicle was sanitized with Clorox or bleach-based disinfectant wipes prior to your trip.

After your trip, we do the same thing before the next passenger gets in. We are always sure to follow all of the disinfecting instructions as outlined by each product.

Disinfecting company working areas

Like any business, we have offices and working spaces we use to help us run our business.

It’s incredibly important to us that these areas are also cleaned and disinfected daily. That way, we know we’re doing what we can to keep our team safe, and in turn, keeping our passengers safe.

Additional safety measures

Depending on the vehicle you ride in (we have a vast selection, including party buses, town cars, limousines, and more), other safety measures may be put in place.

In smaller vehicles, we encourage mask wearing and can provide you with masks and hand sanitizer upon request. We may also keep the front seat vacant to allow for more distance between passengers and chauffeurs.

Driver safety

Our staff undergoes regular health screens and they’re asked to stay home or be sent home if they show any signs of illness.

We’ve instructed our team to implement additional hand sanitizing throughout the course of their day and specifically while they’re on the job. This includes washing or sanitizing hands.

  • After pumping gas
  • Before and after touching door handles
  • After handling money
  • After removing gloves
  • Before and after handling passenger belongings, including suitcases

We also encourage you to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. It shares up-to-date information about COVID-19, including keeping passengers and drivers safe.

Limousine companies offer a safe, comfortable option for ground travel

Whether you’re going to the Phoenix airport or to another destination, we can help get you there. All Valley Transportation is not only one of Arizona’s top-rated limousine companies, but we offer many other transportation services too.

We know that every choice you make feels more important than ever before. We want you to know that we take your safety incredibly seriously, and we’ll continue to do what we can to protect you.

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