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Steps to Take for Delayed Flights at Phoenix Airports

delayed-business-flightGetting the notification that your flight to or from the airport is delayed is a frustrating experience. What many travelers forget is how the delay will affect other accommodations and services, such as hotel reservations, airport transportation and more.  Here are some steps to take whenever you experience a delayed flight.

Always Arrive Early to Airports for Take-Off

Before booking any flights, anticipate delays of all kinds. Choose a time that provides you at least a two-hour window to arrive at the airport before take-off. Expect to arrive even earlier during heavy travel season. This allows you to have adequate time to check in and get through security before boarding your flight. It also allows you to have time to prepare for any flight delays.

Opt to Receive Flight Details to Your Cell Phone via Text or Email

Getting real-time notifications of any flight delays save you headaches when you arrive at the airport. Some flight delays occur after you are already at the airport. Be glad you’ve already gone through the hassles of going through security. Take this time to catch up on emails or calls you’ve been putting off. This will distract you and lower your stress levels.

What Happens to My Airport Transportation Reservation if I Get a Notification My Plane is Delayed for Take-Off?

board-delayed-flightsIf, by chance, you have travel and hotel accommodations for your anticipated arrival times, take the time to call anyone anticipating your arrival and alert them of your travel changes. When calling any airport transportation service to update them on your travel times, be prepared with the following:

  • Your name
  • Your contact number and/or email
  • Type of airport service you reserved
  • The airport the service will occur at
  • Which airline you are using
  • Your flight number
  • Your new anticipated arrival time (if known)

As long as you have provided the flight number, we can track your flight and prepare to arrive at your new anticipated pickup time. This will not affect pricing for your reservation as long as you keep us updated. In the event your new arrival time conflicts with other appointments, we will let you know, so you can make timely reservation changes.

What Happens to My Reservation if I Land Later Than Planned?

Chances are you know ahead of time that your flight is going to land later than planned. Just let us know, so we can see if we can make accommodations to your new arrival time. We realize delays happen that are out of your control, and we will not hold this against you. You are responsible for informing us of any changes.  If you have not, we will use the contact information we have on file for you and make attempts to contact you. If attempts to contact fail to reach you, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

My Flight Arrived, and My Ride Is Not Here

We pride ourselves on timely arrivals and professional service. If you do not have any notification from us by call, text or email on our estimated arrival time, give us a call. We are not responsible for delays out of our control such as vehicle malfunctions or heavy traffic. We only cancel airport transportation contracts if there was no notice to a flight arrival change and were unable to reach you otherwise.

We make arranging airport transportation easy, even with flight delays. Arranging for courtesy services means we need proper notification, so we can best accommodate your needs. If you need to reschedule your town car or limousine airport transportation service, please call us on our direct line for immediate attention: 602.302.6868.

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